Artisan Bread Class with Artisan Baker Simon Thomas

Ditch the emulsifiers, enzymes and other chemicals used in modern baking and discover the delights of the age-old craft of Artisan bread making. With this resurgence of interest comes the need to understand this craft and what better way to learn how to make real bread than with a highly experienced artisan baker.

Simon Thomas is the founder of Staff of Life Bakery, Kendal and has been making slowly-fermented artisan bread at the bakery since 1997.  He is not just a highly-skilled baker, he is an inspirational teacher. He has a passion for bread and for passing those skills on to others.  He has a regular column in Cumbria Life magazine and teaches a bread masterclass at Kendal College.  His book on Artisan bread making is to be published shortly.


On the busy one-day course, Simon will guide you through a range of artisan loaves and perfect classic bread making skills. You will take home several loaves including sourdough; French flutes; Focaccia and rye bread.  Most importantly, you will take home the skills and secrets of a Master Baker.

The class is a mixture of hands-on cooking and demonstration. We do the weighing out and all the washing up.  All you have to do is come and have a good time.

There will be no more than twelve in the class, and every student will have their workstation

You will enjoy this course If you’ve ever wished you could make your bread, this is the course for you. The artisan bread class is the perfect way for any home baker to indulge their passion and gain a deeper knowledge of bread making.


You will leave the course with the skills to confidently bake a range of artisan breads at home using a range of classic bread making skills including learning all about ingredients, kneading, proofing and shaping.

Sample dishes- Sourdough bread,  French flutes, Focaccia and simple rye bread.


Guests should aim to arrive for refreshments at 9.30am, the class will begin at 10.00 am and ends around 4 pm.


Should you wish to stay over, we have accommodation in the house with sixteen luxurious bedrooms created by Lady Gerald Fitzalan Howard.
Double room: £125.00 (inc. breakfast)  Single room: £95.00 (inc. breakfast)

Please call 01405 861662 for more information and to book your place.