Carlton Towers Bon Viveur Experience

A must for lovers of wine, food and the good things in life. Come along to Carlton Towers and immers yourself in a unique environment, spend time in our newly planted vineyard ‘Clos D Beaumont’ and learn about growing vines in the northern climate. Taste the very best in English wine production and have lunch in the vineyard, weather permitting of course, this is North Yorkshire after all!

Following your time in the vineyard, moveinto our wonderful school of food and wine and learn to prepare some classic regional wine dishes from around the world, see how wines have been produced over millennia to enhance the enjoyment of the food of the region, tasting some incredible wines. In the evening, gather with your fellow guests to sample the product of your hard work in the kitchen with of course the wines to match. Debate the merits of the wines and food and wines in general and as the evening goes on, put the world to rights in this totally unique environment that is Carlton Towers.

The following morning after a leisurely breakfast of bacon, sausage and eggs all produced b the estate, spend the morning exploring the estate and vineyard. All the wine experiences can be tailored to suit your groups preference, be it French, Italian, Spanish or New World, do give us a call and we would be delighted to discuss your preferences.



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