World Street Food – El Kantina Mexican Street Food

On trend and at Cooks is our World Street Food Series.  The Street Food movement in the UK is still relatively new but certainly here to stay.  Street Food is affordable; small artisan dishes usually sold on the streets or from vans using fresh local ingredients.  Almost every country has its versions and here at Cooks we will be bringing as many as we can to you. Come and learn to recreate the authentic dishes from around the world.

The epitome of what Street Food is all about is Mexican food. Mexican Street food or ‘Antojitos’ – literally meaning “little cravings – is fresh, tasty and exciting food both to prepare and to eat.

We are very excited to welcome El Kantina Street Food Company to Cooks with their fabulous, fresh, tasty and just a little bit feisty Mexican and Southern street food with a twist.

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On this fun and busy half-day course, Laura from El Kantina will guide you through a selection of Mexican and Southern Street Food classics including Tacos, Guacamole and their ‘pimped up’ Salsa. They will also share some canapé secrets showing you how to create quick, fresh and tasty Mexican party food.

The class is a mixture of hands-on cooking and demonstration. We do the weighing out and all the washing up.  All you have to do is come and have a good time.

There will be no more than twelve in the class, and every student will have their workstation

You will enjoy this course if you want to have fun while immersing yourself in the colourful cuisine of Mexico and want to take your cooking to a whole other exciting level with this surprisingly simple yet versatile food.


You will leave the course with the skills to confidently cook a range of classic Mexican and Southern dishes and have an understanding of ingredients and cooking techniques. You will learn about the similarities and differences between Mexican and Southern food.


Guests should aim to arrive for refreshments at 9.30am, the class will begin at 10.00 am and ends around 1 pm.

There will be no more than twelve in the class and every student will have their own workstation.

Please call 01405 861662 for more information and to book your place.