The history and beauty of Carlton Towers does not stop at the imposing front door. Its extensive estate, comprising 250 acres of parkland and a further 1,500 acres of farm and woodland, is an integral part of the Carlton story.

It has been in the hands of the same family since the 1200s. Over the centuries successive generations have expanded and developed the grounds: in 1614 there is a reference to ‘Carlton’s new gardens and outhouse’, and in 1672 Thomas Newbould of Derbyshire was commissioned to design and implement a new garden.

The walled kitchen garden was added a century later, when a hothouse was also installed. By 1893 the estate included pleasure grounds, an Italian garden, shrubberies and wooded walks, an ornamental lake “well stocked with fish”, and the rookery and wilderness.

Today the Carlton estate is a mix of carefully tended and beautiful gardens, secluded woods and farmland. Much of the produce found on the Carlton Towers menus comes direct from our farm, and a micro-brewery produces hand-crafted Carlton beer.

The lake, still well-stocked with fish, is a wonderfully tranquil spot. And the grounds are home to the highly-regarded Carlton shoot.

Constantly changing with the seasons, and always teeming with wildlife, the estate is a constant source of wonder and inspiration for the family and our guests. And the grounds are regularly put to use to host weddings and every kind of outdoor event, from dog shows to archery contests.