Grand, imposing and beautifully appointed, the State Rooms at Carlton Towers offer a stunning backdrop to any occasion.

Each has its own individual history and character, and all possess original features, including ornately carved fireplaces, hand-painted panels and antique furniture.

Carlton has three state rooms: the Venetian Room, the Picture Gallery and the Card Room. Booked singly or together, they make for a magnificent location for your wedding, conference, private party or business event – and one which will be a talking point among your guests for years to come.

The state rooms are complemented by other reception rooms with their own special ambience: the Armoury, the Bow Drawing Room and the Beaumont Room which houses the bar.




The Main State Rooms


The Venetian Drawing Room

The Venetian Room

Make an entrance into the Venetian Room through magnificent double-paneled oak doors designed by J.F. Bentley and exquisitely carved by J.E. Knox.

The Venetian Room offers a stunning backdrop for reception parties of up to 150 guests or 100 dinner guests.

The Picture Gallery

The Picture Gallery

The largest of our state rooms, the Picture Gallery is home to a wonderful collection of oil paintings and other artworks. Among the collection are five pictures are of horses bred and raced by Thomas Stapleton and Sir Thomas Gascoigne. Together they won the first St. Leger with Hollondaise in 1778.

The Picture Gallery has capacity for up to 200 people, or 150 dinner guests.

The Card Room

The Card Room

Providing the connection between the Venetian room to the Picture Gallery, the Card Room is decorated with the same exquisite artistry and attention to detail.

The Card Room is ideal for an intimate occasion, or can be used with the other State Rooms, for larger parties.

It has the capacity for up to 30 people, or 24 dinner guests.




Carlton’s More Intimate Rooms


The Armoury

The Armoury

Much of the collection of armour on the wall dates from the 17th century. Lined by carved oak panelling this is a cosy sitting area where you can enjoy a drinks reception or a relaxing retreat after dinner.

The grand staircase leads up to the Minstrels’ Gallery and luxury bedroom wings while the doorway leads to the Bow Drawing Room.

The Bow Drawing Room

The Bow Drawing Room

There is a tangible sense of history in this inviting and elegant room. It is located in the original Jacobean house, which is the private wing today, and features a neo-classical marble chimney piece and 18th century Dutch marquetry furniture.

This is a beautiful spot to enjoy and drink and admire the many family portraits on the walls.

The Picture Gallery

The Beaumont Room

Tucked away in the warm and inviting Beaumont Room is the Carlton Towers bar.

It offers a wonderful ambience to sit, relax and have a drink in front of a glowing fire, the perfect end to a perfect day.




With sixteen luxury bedrooms Carlton is the perfect venue to hold an extended meeting or perhaps a multi day training course.

There are so many ways you could enjoy Carlton, perhaps as a special employee thank you or to review your business.

Mid country location makes Carlton a great choice for businesses looking for a place to meet which suits travelers from all parts of the country.

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