Your wedding needn’t be squeezed into a few precious hours. Why not make the most of this life-changing moment by building in some time either side of the big day for you, your family and friends?


The eve of your wedding is a moment to savour. It’s the moment when the anticipation starts to tingle, the excitement begins to build.

The perfect time, then, for a treatment in Lusso, Carlton’s very own health and beauty suite. The bride-to-be and her friends can relax in this exclusive setting and enjoy a package guaranteed to melt away any last-minute nerves.

Top off your evening with our complimentary Champagne Supper, our gift to you on the evening before your Wedding – all we ask is that your guests book a minimum of 7 guest bedrooms. We can confirm the availability of Champagne Supper 3 months prior to your special day.

After the wedding

Why rush off the moment the knot is tied? After a wedding day filled with excitement, chill out with your loved ones.

Enjoy a full English breakfast with all of your guests and share memories of your special day before you depart Carlton Towers.